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Retail Store

As we grew larger and larger online, we knew that we wanted to share our vast inventory with our local community, but didn't know exactly how to fit it all in a traditional retail store. We started looking for a location that could accommodate both our warehousing and retail needs. After months of searching, we were blessed to find a building large enough to satisfy the warehousing needs of our online business, while having enough land to build brand new retail space attached to it! Not only was it the perfect size, it just so happened to be in the heart of one of the largest commerce areas in greater Grand Rapids. We opened our flagship store in October of 2022 and were finally able to show our community what we had in store for them!

Our Vision

The goal of this retail store was to provide customers with a shopping experience that they had never seen. Our 10,000 sq. ft. retail floor is laid out and merchandised exactly the way that you would expect any respectable outdoor retailer to be, but there is one caveat. Straight through two swinging doors lies a warehouse more than triple that size filled with more high quality outdoor gear! We have kiosks stationed throughout the store enabled with this exact website to show customers all of the products that they have available to them. We only show products on our website if we physically have it for you in our warehouse.


As you can see from our list of brands and collections on this site, local customers have access to more products than we have ever seen in a single retail store. We have successfully brought the online shopping experience to the brick and mortar environment with friendly staff to help you find the perfect product for your next adventure!


We have also invested heavily into tools and machinery to create a high class service department for all of your cycling and snowsports needs. Most notably, we feature a Montana Crystal robotic ski tuning machine and an infrared waxing machine. Our staff is trained to be able to help you find the perfect new bike, ski, or snowboard to fit your riding style or service the ones you already own!

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