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Nite Ize



Nite Ize is known for creating products that make your life easier at home, at work, and on the go. They find it almost impossible to look at simple everyday tools without thinking of ways they could improve them - take their KnotBone Adjustable Bungee Cords, for example. With carabiner clips instead of open hooks at each end, it not only attaches to your anchor points, it locks there. Instead of elastic that loses its stretch over time, the KnotBone Bungee has a durable, high quality cord that threads through each end, adjusts from 10"" to 48"" in the #9 size and from 6"" to 28"" in the #5 size. Once you have it adjusted to the right length, secure it in place with a simple wrap-and-lock motion. They've even added small self-clipping plastic caps to the cord ends to keep them in place once you've got your load secured. No more pulling, stretching, and re-hooking to get the tension you want - job after individual job, the KnotBone Bungee stays right where you attach it, pulls securely to the exact length you need, and locks there. You’ll never go back to traditional bungee cords again.


  • ADJUSTABLE LENGTH LARGE BUNGEE CORD WITH CLIP ENDS - Nite Ize Bungee Cords fix all the problems you have with traditional bungees - you can customize the length and release tension slowly, plus they have convenient carabiner clip ends
  • ADJUSTS FROM 10" - 48" - Once you have the bungee adjusted to the right length for your load, secure the ends in place with a simple wrap-and-lock motion
  • CARABINER ENDS FOR EASY CONNECTION - Clip the carabiner ends to eachother to wrap a load, or clip them to fixed end points to secure your load in place


Best Use
Hiking, Casual

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