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Sherpa Lite Trekking Poles


The new Sherpa Lite is a slightly more compact version of the Sherpa with an adjustment range between 100 to 135 cm. Thanks to a slightly slimmer tube diameter, it's lighter but provides just as much stability through all your mountain adventures. Specially designed for mountaineering and demanding mountain tours, this three-section pole is equipped with the new Aergon Air grip which has been improved in numerous ways and redesigned in terms of comfort and control. Special hollow core technology combines lightweight construction and large, supportive surfaces that meet all the ergonomic requirements of your hand. Maximum grip and control when going downhill are provided by the rubberized grip back of the Aergon Air. The inclined angle supports your wrist for optimal guidance and placement of the pole and contributes to safety on the mountain. This stable mountaineering pole is equipped with a flex tip, allowing the Big Mountain Binding Basket to be added directly on the mountain in case of snow. With a weight of 255 g, the Sherpa Lite is the perfect combination of minimal weight and stability for your next high-altitude tour.


  • A hollow core design combines lightweight construction, large, supportive surfaces and built in positive angles for unsurpassable ergonomic support
  • Adjustable security strap made from breathable, lightweight and extra soft material for maximum comfort
  • Improved external lever system with highest holding force for fast and easy adjustment of the pole length even whilst wearing gloves
  • Trekking 2.0 Basket prevents sinking into soft surfaces and protects the lower shaft
  • More precise pole use and perfect grip in nearly all terrains


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Backcountry Skiiing, Freestyle Skiing, All Mountain Skiing
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