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Blackburn Big Switch Rachet Multi-Tool


Currently Unavailable

The Big Switch Ratchet Tool takes the same simple necessities from the popular Switch and Big Switch and adds a convenient, ratcheting handle for even quicker, hassle-free adjustments. Extra-long 2.5 through 8mm allen bits take care of business, along with T25 and T30 Torx, the renowned Wayside chain breaker, 0, 1, and 2 spoke wrenches, a disc-pad spreader, flathead, and a Presta valve core tool. You're covered. Fully covered.


  • Designed for the minimalist in you
  • Integrated, threaded, quality Presta core remover is right where you need it, allowing pressurized CO2 to forcefully resurrect tubeless
  • The selection, length, and placement of each tool has been carefully thought out so that you have the right tool and can use it easily
  • Torx technology for most types of fasteners
  • Included chain breaker lets you insert a pin to put a chain back together


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