Light & Motion Taz 1200 Finest Titanium (Silver/Black) Light


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Light & Motion’s Taz 1200 is a bicycle lighting game-changer.

Gone are the days of large external battery packs to power your light, the Taz 1200 provides the illumination of a motorcycle headlight yet the self-contained unit fits in the palm of your hand. Designed as a bar light, the Taz is one of the most sought-after primary trail lights due to its impressive output yet also makes a great commuter companion for dark country roads and paths. Innovative amber side lights give 180 degrees of protective visibility when riding on roadways but can be easily turned off once you hit the trail. The custom engineered reflector projects a powerful spot beam with two LEDs while a third diffused LED illuminates a wide beam directly in front. Mounting is simple with a heavy-duty strap that locks the light in place and also comes with a GoPro interface. A colored indicator button monitors remaining battery life and the Taz is easily recharged through its micro-USB port; plug the included cable into a 2A power supply and you can fully charge the light in 4 hours. Durability and certified performance, like any Light & Motion product, is a given. The Taz is tested not only to withstand 1-meter drops on concrete, but is completely submergible in 1-meter of water as well. This thoughtfully engineered design ensures that light will last through the harshest of climates and trail abuse. Light & Motion backs all its products with a 2-year guarantee when purchased from an authorized seller.