Blackburn  Item #BLAC7122409

Blackburn Core 3 Pump


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Drawing from the design ethos (and trickling-down technologies) of Blackburn's Core Pro pump, the Core 3 is a more economical pump with the same basic functionality as the Pro.

It'll fill any tire valve you can find quickly and accurately thanks to the oversized pump shaft, easy-to-read 3-inch-tall aviation pressure gauge, and the inline bleed button on the AirTap head. At nearly 28 inches tall, the Core 3 towers over most floor pumps. The 48-inch-long hose is long enough to get air pressure anywhere you could need it. Like the Pro, the Core 3 features Blackburn's AirTap head that fits Schrader/Presta/Dunlop valves and has a pressure bleed button built in. Blackburn also integrated the easy to read, 3-inch gauge into the massive steel base of the Core 3 to help it have a rock solid stance.