Continental has been the leader in bicycle tire design for almost 90 years. Hailing from Korbach, Germany, Continental is known for having industry-leading products and technologies. Germany still remains the core location of the Research & Development team. There, every tire goes through rigorous testing to produce the best in quality and design.

Continental bicycle tires feature some of the most advanced technology available. BlackChili Compound, processed from rubber and soot, balances grip and rolling resistance. This compound distributes differently between every style of bicycle tire and use, making it unique in the industry. For XC mountain and race cyclists, the Continental RaceSport technology will be ideal. This blend of nylon, rubber lining and a universal base creates a lightweight and protected tire. Tires with the ProTection and RaceSport technologies are handmade in Germany.

Environmentalism and sustainability are major focuses with Continental Tires. Continental strives to follow all the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals. They have improved their CO2 emissions, waste generation and water and energy use. With this success, they have plans to continue improving their output.

Most recently, Continental started the NONSTOP movement, focused on the every day riders. Those who commute to work, run an errand, or take leisure rides will now see a completely new design of tire. These new designs focus on trekking, urban, and commuter bikes. Electric bikes see better tires too, allowing them to have the best in puncture protection and speed control.

No matter the bike style, Continental has a tire to match. Riders can choose different tires based on their speed, puncture protection, tire size, or riding style. What style suits you? If you are unsure, chat with the team at Great Lakes Outpost. Struck with a passion for biking, the staff at Great Lakes Outpost can easily help with finding the perfect Continental bike tire.