Ever heard of the "Pennsylvania Tuxedo", the "Buffalo Check Shirt" or the Railroad Vest? If those sound familiar, you may know them from Woolrich. Woolrich clothing has been around since the 1830's. While this brand has been around for over 185 years, it is anything far from old-fashioned. Fresh colors and fresher designs make Woolrich the leader in outdoor clothing.

What makes Woolrich clothing unique? To start at the beginning of a very long list, Woolrich clothing is made in the United States. In fact, the fabric is made by the family of John Rich, the founder of Woolrich. The warehouse has seen over eight generations of the Rich family pass through. This pride and family-oriented attitude is what leads to unmatched quality fabric produced. From there, it is all about the design and execution of the clothing.

Woolrich features clothing for men and women. From coats to shirts to parkas and flannels, there is something for everyone. Woolrich also produces blankets in unique patterns and colors. As a company who provided blankets for war efforts, they share some of their history with every blanket made.

Woolrich inspires being active and outdoors. Where will your Woolrich take you next?