Feedback Sports

Every athlete knows that to conquer an activity like a marathon or a bike tour, that they need to train. It is the person's passion for the activity that drives people to train. Feedback Sports is a small company with a big passion for bicycling. Whether it is road, mountain, or triathlon riding, Feedback Sports loves bikes and the people who ride them. Feedback Sports creates trainers, tool kits and bike storage systems for bike riders.

Training has never been so easy! Forget having to forgo your ride if the weather is less-than-optimal. Having easy to assemble and store bike trainers lets you ride just about anywhere. So, go ahead, watch your daytime television while riding - we won't tell! 

Too tired of the hassle of taking your wheels off when trying to clean or fix your bike? Feedback Sports carries bike repair stands that will take away the hassle. Simply lift your bike on the stand and clamp it down. Then, you're ready to work!

As mentioned before, Feedback Sports loves biking. Now, we don't mean they "like" biking. No, they "like like" biking. (So, it's pretty serious.) And since they have such a close relationship with biking, they like to partner with groups that love it as much as them. These groups all focus on giving back to the biking community and keeping the biking love alive.

So, are you ready to step up your biking game? If so, Feedback Sports can help, from the first race to the last.