A young Boy Scout would eventually become a leader in the backpacking industry. Wayne Gregory, founder of Gregory Mountain Products, was that Boy Scout. What started as a backpack design project became an obsession. The 14-year-old could be found trying to understand the intricacies of backpack design. In 1977, Wayne was able to open his own backpack shop. The rest is history.

Gregory today makes packs for backpacking, hiking, day trips and hydration. Whether you're trekking around the world or visiting a local park, there is a Gregory backpack. As a company dedicated to continually changing, they develop innovative technologies. The Response A3 Suspension creates a perfect fit every time you shoulder your pack. A Wishbone Frame distributes the weight of your pack to avoid wobbling. Ventilated Backpanels manage moisture and increase airflo

Gregory also has backpacks for the urban lifestyle. From class to work and back, these backpacks will keep your gear secure. Hopping on a flight? Try the duffel and travel series!

Gregory strives to keep the dreamer in all of us alive. By having packs that are easy to use and fit comfortably, you can go have fun! So, remember your pack, bring an extra snack and go trek the frontier.