Storing your bicycles from home to the trail and back must be easy and effortless. Swagman racks have been redefining this notion since the early 1990's. They produce bike racks that can fit on to almost any car, RV or truck.

Swagman began as a small company in British Columbia under Jim and Jan Morris. They were the first to design a hitch style bike rack, which was a step up of the then bike racks. he Morris family brought in Perry Grago in 2008, who made the company to what it today. 

Swagman products can be seen globally. They feature roof, trunk and hitch racks. Swagman also creates kayak racks, snowshoes and commercial storage equipment. No doubt, they are expanding to offer the best arrangement for their customers! Recently, Swagman introduced the E-Spec E-Bike Carrier. Designed for electric bikes, this rack can fit one or two bikes that are up to 70 pounds each. It fits almost every electric bike tire available.

Even though Swagman has been producing racks since the 1990's, they still have the energy of a start-up. We can only ask, "where will they venture to next?"