Vivobarefoot has defied the idea of the shoe since their beginnings. They were created based on the discovery of archaeologists in the 1970’s. Vivobarefoot lives by the idea that feet are as perfect as they have always been. They focus on eliminating unnecessary padding and stiffness in their footwear. As a result, your feet are able to have better ground-feel and can move more naturally. Barefoot “shoes” are worn for every day errands, such as running to the store or for more intense activities, such as exercising.

Why would wearing less be more beneficial? Vivobarefoot understands when you release your feet from common shoe problems you unleash your feet’s true potential. With over 200,000 nerves in the foot, your foot has better ground-to-foot and sensory feeling. Vivobarefoot’s wide footbed allows more stability in your feet. Their flexible design allows your feet to move as needed.

Vivobarefoot involves themselves in sustainable manufacturing. They plan to have at least 90% of their materials come from sustainable sources by 2020. Vivobarefoot “shoes” with EcoMesh, Eco Suede and Eco Canvas help cut plastic by abandoning traditional suede and shoe fabrics. In fact, each product created recycles 17 PET bottles from the landfill. Their leather line features leather sustainably sourced from the by-product of free-roaming cows in Ethiopia. The latest in the Vivobarefoot line are the Ultra III, the first ever shoe created out of harmful algae. Each pair created with this algae circulated 57 gallons of filtered water back into the ecosystem. 

Born from adventure, bred for movement and designed to be socially and environmentally responsible, Vivobarefoot continues to challenge itself in design. Vivobarefoot features vegan, winter, everyday and outdoor options and are backed by a 100-day trial. Don’t love the barefoot life by day 100? Simply chat with the Vivobarefoot team and they will offer you a full refund.