Stormy Kromer

Hard-working people need gear that will last. That is what George “Stormy” Kromer thought back in 1903 after his hats kept falling off while working on the railroad. What was a simple request to his wife led to the infamous Stormy Kromer cap.

Stormy Kromer began its factory in Kaukauna, Wisconsin with a staff of 25 to 30. From there, the main headquarters journeyed to Ironwood, Michigan. In many ways, it was the perfect place to test Stormy Kromer hats due to the cold weather. Stormy Kromer has three production facilities: Ironwood, Michigan, central Wisconsin and Flint, Michigan. Stormy Kromer partnered with the St. Luke N.E.W. Life Center in Flint as a production facility. This partnership lets people learn valuable business and life skills as they learn how to create Stormy Kromer hats.

Born from necessity but built for even the roughest of conditions, the Stormy Kromer original cap features a 6-panel design. Also included is a pull-down ear band, a cotton-lined interior and a snug fit. There is no need for bands or adjusting straps due to the cap’s unique design. The design has not changed since it passed through the sewing machine in the early 1900s. Why has the cap design not changed? Well, why change something that is already perfect?

Every Stormy Kromer cap are handcrafted, showing off the maker’s craftsmanship and quality. In fact, Stormy Kromer guarantees every hat produced has a lifetime warranty. Contact Stormy Kromer with the serial number found inside your hat. They will replace it against any workmanship, material or production defects. Make sure to also register your hat in case of theft or damage!

Stormy Kromer caps are timeless. But they also have expanded to women’s caps, clothing and pet accessories. Given their cold, snowy site, it only makes sense for them to have expanded. (They have needs too, after all!) So, you and your pet will be able to have warm, comfortable clothing all year round.