Who is DexShell? Think of them as a group on the pursuit to create the best, most efficient apparel accessories. Those who love the outdoors know that the right equipment will help push to that last leg of the mile. Proper gear is the deciding factor between pushing through or heading home. Adventurers need gear that can go with them and can last. DexShell understands this and seeks to create advanced products fit for every adventure.

DexShell products are packed with technology. Their patented '4-Way Stretch' technology creates flexibility and movement. DexShell  products are also resistant, often double to that of their competition. DexShell also uses fabrics like Merino Wool, Bamboo Rayon and COOLMAX® yarns.

The DexShell line features gloves, socks and hats. From head to toe, they have you covered. DexShell's socks are thermal, windproof and waterproof. The gloves can be used for almost any activity and are durable and lightweight.

In every thing they do, DexShell strives to be the top contender. Their persistent nature has them constantly finding the best in materials or features. When you slip on a DexShell glove, hat or sock, you're covered.