When you think of high-performing, quality helmets, you think of Giro. For over 30 years Giro has led the cycling and snow sport industry. Their relentless search for new technologies to maximize protection brought them to where they are today.

Since its doors opened, Giro has been testing the limits of helmet design and fit. Giro snow and cycling helmets have seen many iterations thanks to its research and development team. From being more aerodynamic to a lighter design, Giro attempts to step out of its boundaries.

The latest Giro technology is MIPS. The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) adds an extra protective layer. Based on 19 years of extensive research, MIPS unleashes a new possibility of safety. This slip liner inside the helmet reduces rotational energy to the brain upon impact. MIPS is in their cycling and snow helmets (just look for the yellow tag or sticker).

Giro helmets range in style, technology and comfort. They have options available for mountain, dirt and triathlon biking and snow sports. Beyond their extensive helmet line, Giro also creates apparel, goggles, gloves and shoes. 

Giro is constantly adding to their game. Creating next-level, exceptional helmets with flair shows why Giro is a leader in the industry.