Since their invention, bikes have been a staple in transportaion and recreation. Whether racing, commuting or conquering the trail, bike components make or break your journey. One company strives to create the best bike parts on the market. Blackburn has changed the game in providing diverse components for bikes.

Blackburn was born in 1979, when founder Jim Blackburn decided there was a need for better bike parts. Blackburn dedicated their design to viewing their work from the eyes of the bike rider. This mindset has since created user-friendly bike parts. Since their start, Blackburn has followed this mindset and places it into every product.

Blackburn has an extensive line, featuring items anywhere from handlebar tape or trainers. Their goal is to make every bike ride and its rider comfortable and at its peak performance. Whether mountain biking, bikepacking or racing, Blackburn has options available for everyone.

Dedicated to exploring beyond their office walls, Blackburn creates videos about environmentalism. Their goal is to have fun while also giving back to the place that lets them have adventures. Their Ranger program allows extraordinary document their journeys.