Pop quiz! What brand has planted over 1.9 million trees, hand crafts shoes and is headquartered in Montana? None other than Oboz, of course! Oboz's team of wayfarers blends social responsibility with quality processing and fun.

Oboz commits themselves to their environment. Since they are out every day braving the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, they want to give back to a place that has given them so much joy. Enter One More Tree, a project partnership with Trees for the Future. With every pair of Oboz purchased, a tree is planted. So, not only can your feet feel great but you can feel great, too!

Quality processes and materials are what stands Oboz shoes out against the rest. Every Oboz shoe is hand-crafted and touched by 140 people. Oboz also prioritizes their fabric manufacturers social and environmental policies. While unconventional, this process provides the best quality available.  

Oboz features the O FIT System™, an insole that matches perfectly to every shoe. By molding an insole to every shoe, it prevents slipping, discomfort and instability. They also have a thermal layer for boots, so your feet will be comfortable and warm all year 'round! Don't believe us? Slip on a pair for yourself and feel the difference.