Merrell has been around for over 40 years as the leader in hiking boots. What started as a journey from an industrial shoe-school student looking to make cowboy boots led to the creation of the Wilderness boot. This boot not only showcased Merrell's style and technology but also a commitment to crafting the perfect hiking boot. That mission has continued to this day and Merrell is still the go-to option for outdoor shoes.

Merrell features outdoor shoes for men, women and children as well as work shoes and clothing. The technology is abundant in Merrell products. GORE-TEX® provides a waterproof barrier to keep your feet day and comfortable. FLEXCONNECT™ allows the shoe to flex with your movement, allowing you to have better grip and fit. M-Select GRIP outsoles offer anti-slip protection.

Merrell has pledged itself to serving the people who love the outdoors. That is why, every once in a while, you will see Merrell Magic. No, it isn't something you buy. Instead, Merrell tries to enhance your outdoor experience. Whether that is handing out lemonade in the Moab desert or cleaning up the trails at Mount Rainer. It's little moments like these that show that Merrell is a company that cares. #createyourtrail