Leki (named after the owners and their company headquarters, Lenhart in Kirchheim) began as a wood processing company. Karl Lenhart, the founder of Leki, quickly found a personal need for better ski poles. So, the research began. By the 1960’s, Leki began producing fiberglass ski poles. From there, the technology has grown. The original poles changed to fit design needs and to expand into cross-country, ski racing and alpine trekking.

Leki has won several awards for their design and contribution to the outdoor industries. In 2015, they won the Outdoor Industry Award and 2015 Best Brand award from Outdoor Magazine. Leki has also had several athletes win awards, such as Gabriela Soukalova winning the 2015/16 IBU World Cup Biathlon. 

Leki’s product line features poles for alpine, backcountry, nordic and race skis. They also produce trekking, nordic walking, and trail running poles. Newer to Leki are push-button Micro poles. They are perfect for backpackers and trekkers who need quick assembly.

Technology is constantly changing for Leki poles to better the user experience and to create the best design. The Trigger S Vertical technology allows you to alter your grip often and move freely. The Fin Vario Changeable Basket System allows for easy basket changes to get the most use out of the poles as possible.

Even with every new innovation or product, Leki does not forget their roots. Curious in research and purposeful in design, Leki withstands the years by keeping strong to what makes their products great - the drive for adventure.