MSR (Mountain Safety Research) has their head on straight. They know that with proper equipment comes more opportunities for adventure. A duo of outdoorsmen decided it was time to improve the safety of their climbing equipment. From there, MSR has continued to create products that focus on the adventure. Today, MSR has an expanse line, from tents to snowshoes to cookware.

MSR not only creates outdoor products but also lives for the outdoors. But, they know that for some it's their first rodeo. That is why they have created multiple extensive guides and blogs about their products and how to survive outdoors. Having this knowledge available increases a beginner's excitement. Even advanced travelers should look at their guides - you might learn a thing or two! 

We at Great Lakes Outpost carry many of MSR's stove and cooking systems. These systems let you cook beyond the boiling of water and give that at-home cooking feeling. Bring on the chicken spring rolls and pumpkin spice crepes!

It's okay to be confused when starting any new adventure. If you ever have questions, take a look at MSR's website or reach out to Great Lakes Outpost. We've got you covered!