For over 40 years, Superfeet has changed the design of insoles. Typical insoles found in shoes are flat and not as supportive. This can lead to a variety of health problems. In fact, there are over 180 million people who suffer from a type of foot problem in the United States (Foot Care - US January 2012 Mintel Group LTD).

What makes Superfeet insoles and footwear different? The Superfeet shape of the insoles transforms insoles into a structured foot piece. Superfeet’s design has over 40 patents in the United States and internationally. Every Superfeet product features a structured heel cup, rear foot support and firm stabilization. With Superfeet insoles, every section of the foot is supported and comfortable.

Superfeet insoles range, giving you the perfect fit, whether it is for everyday, hunting, running, or hiking. Superfeet insoles range from slim to wide sizes, feature different colors and have added fabric for warmth. They also build an arrangement of footwear for men and women.

The only thing that may top the time put into their products is the amount placed into giving back. Superfeet focuses on tackling issues found within the United States. In their “Be the Awesome” work, Superfeet has partnered with 34 organizations within 35 states. They're looking to tackle common problems, including the environment, basic needs and education. Whether it is combating invasive species or traveling to help adults learn to read, there is plenty of help going around at the Superfeet.

Committed to their goals yet flexible in their approach, Superfeet continues to push the boundaries in design and in giving back. So, when will you #stepintosuperfeet?