Special feet need special socks. Injinji considers every foot special, which means they have a toe sock for everyone. From runners to trail explorers to everyday use, there is an Injinji toe sock for everyone.

Injinji began in 1999 when a small group decided it was time to change the sock industry. They came up with a 5-toed sock. But, they were not any ordinary toe sock as famously worn in the early 1990’s. These socks were designed for performance and durability.

But, why a toe sock? There are significant benefits to toe socks over traditional socks. First, covered toes help protect against blisters. Second, non-binding socks help create better stability and allow for more natural foot movement. Finally, Injinji socks feature sweat-wicking material to keep your feet cool and dry. 

Injinji socks feature lasting, quality materials. COOLMAX® Fibered socks are the highest in durability and can withstand rigorous activities. NüWool™, Injinji’s own Merino wool, allows the fabric to breathe and prevent itching. LYCRA® is flexible and stretchy, creating the perfect blend of fit and comfort.

Injinji socks feature a variety of weights for every day, athletic or outdoor use. Men and women are able to enjoy these socks with specific styles and colors. With Injinji you can #FindYour Path.