Helle Knives

At Great Lakes Outpost, we carry only a few knife brands. These brands are all unique, but there is one brand that takes craftsmanship and style to the next level. Helle knives are finely tuned, beautiful machines ready to be the ideal adventure companion.

Helle hails from Holmedal, Norway. This is where brothers Steinar and Sigmund Helle designed their first knives. The knife brand grew and more knives were distributed throughout Norway. Over time, this Norwegian treasure was introduced to the world. Though they are a global company now, they still keep their simple roots in Holmedal. Much of the manufacturing process remains the same, focusing on manual work by skilled craftsmen.

Helle creates their knives with the utmost attention. Their sheaths are of specialty tanned leather. It is not only a compliment to the knife but also to their Nordic roots. Their steel is triple laminated, with one layer of alloy steel with two layers of stainless steel. This care shows their pride in their work and in the knives' true purpose - to get the work done.

Each Helle knife is a tribute to the beauty and power of Norway. This Norwegian staple is gorgeous and can only truly be appreciated when you hold one in your hand.