Socks are a hidden gem among designers. Meant to hide behind pants and shoes but showcased in shorts, socks have a lot of power in outfits. So, why can't socks show off your personality, your favorite sport team or your favorite food? If you didn't think that they could before, prepare yourself. Some of the sock designs will see from SockGuy will change your perception of socks...forever.

Off-beat, colorful and wacky make up SockGuy socks. Since 1996 they have been the leader in fun designs for performance socks. But, just because they have fun with their designs doesn't mean these socks won't put up to the test when called to do so. SockGuy socks feature Stretch-to-Fit™ technology to create a close fit. The  Easy-Fit™ cuff prevents the sock from slipping.

It seems that there is almost any design available from SockGuy. From birds to bees to kung-foo fighting cats to avocado socks, SockGuy has a design to match your style. No weird is too weird for SockGuy.

SockGuy features socks designed for both men and women. So, ladies, no more having too small or large socks! They also have a line of accessories, such as arm warmers and hats, for those who want added flair to their wardrobe.

At SockGuy, come as you are and wear what you want. Try new things, get a little dirty and have fun!