SIDI has been around for over 50 years as the leader in cycling and motorcycle shoe design. Born in the 1960’s in Italy, Dino Signori began manufacturing trekking shoes. He quickly realized there was a demand for cycling and motorcycle shoes. Signori's haste led to SIDI becoming the leader in cycling and motorcycle shoe design. Donning the red, green and white vortex symbol, SIDI’s logo became known by millions of athletes. SIDI can often be seen on the finalist podium because of their design and usability.

SIDI’s mission is to blend tradition with innovation in an ever-changing industry. Style trends and comfort are at the forefront of SIDI’s research and development team. Every new technology introduced shows SIDI's commitment to their values. 

The TECHNO-3 PUSH dial adapts the upper of the shoe for a truly customized fit. The adjustable heel retention device improves heel fit and prevents slide-outs. The Vent Carbon Sole, developed in 2011, maximizes airflow with an open-and-close vent. Recent technologies continue to prove that SIDI is at the top their industry.

Beyond producing new technologies, SIDI also focuses on sustainability.  SIDI constructs their shoes from an eco-friendly leather that is also durable, light and water-repellent. The fabric has a mold treatment applied. It is Oeko-Tex certified, indicating the fabric does not contain harmful elements to humans or the environment.

SIDI has designs for both men and women for road, mountain and casual biking. Their customer-first mindset makes them one of the most adaptable cycling shoe companies in the world.