Guys, let's be real. Not all underwear is the same. While some may think it doesn't matter what type you wear, there is no denying the comfort of having good underwear. Enter SAXX. Their goal is to create the next-level in underwear design. 

What makes SAXX underwear stand out?  Three things: BallPark Pouch™,  Three-D Fit™ and Flat Out Seams™. The BallPark Pouch™ technology features a hammock-like design, which will help keep things in place and prevent chafing. Three-D Fit™ shapes around your body for an ergonomic fit. Flat Out Seams™ places the soft part of the inseam closer to the body with the rigid stitching on the outside. This creates comfort and a nearly non-existent seam feeling.

SAXX has several styles of underwear, including long, boxer brief, trunk and brief. Among those styles features varying degrees of fit, from looser to compression underwear. So, no matter the activity, you can have appropriate coverage.

Attempting to lead, especially in the clothing industry, is a feat. But, over the years, SAXX and their line of underwear has transformed the idea of underwear. Not sure if you'll like their revolutionary design? SAXX has a 30-day comfort guarantee. Don't like them? Bring them back! (But, we think you'll like them.)