The phrase, "it fits" works for many occasions. For example, slipping on a glass shoe or parking your car in the maybe-too-small spot. But, what about a sock? Whether you believe it or not, a sock is an important piece of equipment that can enhance your journeys. FITS® refashioned the sock by marrying quality raw materials with technology. The result is a long-lasting performance sock that is fit for any runner or trailblazer.

So how are FITS® socks a step above the average? FITS® utilizes a Full Contact® system to help keep socks in place. Their heel cup and toe cap secure your toes and heels to allow for the closest connection possible. FITS® socks feature a mix of Merino Wool and FITS® Omega Performance Yarn™. These fibers allow the socks to breathe and be flexible, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

FITS® socks aren't worn just as outdoor socks. With the variety of patterns, lengths and weights, you can wear them at the office, the trail or the store. Those who need to wear compression socks will love their line of over-the-calf compression socks. FITS® collaborated with certified Cardiologists to craft socks with varying levels of compression, allowing you to have a tailored fit to your needs.

Happy feet make for happy folks! That’s why FITS® prioritizes materials and fit. That way, you feel confident in any adventure.