The legend lives on at Benchmade Knife Company. Located in Oregon City, Benchmade has been producing world-class knives since 1989. These sleek and masterfully crafted knives work at the highest caliber. Benchmade's foundation is the drive to create exceptional products. By working with designers such as Mel Pardue and Warren Osborne, Benchmade continues to push the boundaries. Benchmade has won several awards and has become the leader in automatic knife manufacturing.

Grinding, sparks, and sweat are abundant at the Benchmade factory. Every Benchmade knife goes through an intense manufacturing process. Here, precision is key and errors only to that of a human hair. Though the manufacturing process begins with machines, it is the highly skilled technicians who create the polished piece. As many as 35 technicians can touch one knife. This shows the amount of care that is in every product that's shipped and placed on a shelf for their customer.

Benchmade has four main knife classes: Blue Class, Black Class, Gold Class, and HUNT. Blue Class is the right-hand-man to its user. While the Blue Class knives focus on daily tasks, they are effortless and durable for every function. Black Class tactical knives are for intense occupations, such as law enforcement or military. Black Class knives are ready to work and become an enhancement to defense maneuvers. Gold Class knives are a blend of masterful pieces of art that can also withstand the strength for the task at hand. The HUNT series knives feature advanced materials and corrosion resistance. The HUNT series focuses on the outdoorsman about to land the perfect buck.

Knives are best chosen when its user considers the use, opening mechanism, and blade style. Benchmade has many styles, openings and blades available. Choose from the style of which you want to use. From there, every model has different opening mechanisms and blade styles. Benchmade has five varieties of openings: manual, assisted, automatic, fixed blade, and Bali-Song®. Determining the type of blade, whether it be a clip-point or a sheepsfoot, optimizes the knife's use. Every Benchmade knife features a steel composition in the blade. With these options, customers can focus finding a product that offers the best performance, every time.

Benchmade prides themselves on their quality products and offers a Lifetime Warranty and Lifesharp service. With Lifesharp, customers will need to ship their knife back to the factory. There, technicians will inspect and re-sharpen the knife back to its factory sharpness. The factory will ship back the knife, ready for its next adventure.