When looking for performance, bicyclists should look towards Zipp. Zipp Speed Weaponry creates radical wheels, bars, seatposts and accessories for racing cyclists. They have set the standard in biking gear since 1988. Zipp hails from the capital of the Hoosier state. (Otherwise known as Indianapolis, Indiana.) Only a small jaunt away from the Great Lakes Outpost store.

Zipp drives to be the highest in performance, materials and quality. They research and develop to provide inventive products available on the market. Whether you need a soft, nimble bike wheel or a do-it-all machine, Zipp has the selection to match its customer’s demands. 

Your wheel is one of two things keeping you from biking faster. Zipp has placed much of their technology into crafting the perfect wheels. The proprietary Firecrest® technology reinvented the wheel for an all-new, aerodynamic wheel. This is possible because of the prolonged attachment of airflow creates low-drag and high-lift. The Firecrest® wheel is more aerodynamic, stronger and more stable in cross winds than other models. NSW wheels will see the ABLC SawTooth Technology™. This technology reduces drag and improves crosswind stability.

But, Zipp does not only make wheels. They also produce bars, stems and seatposts for bicycles. Zipp seatposts feature a lightweight design with a low-profile clamp. Their line of bars are perfect for racing and triathlon cyclists. They are light and aerodynamic while also acting as an extension of the rider.

Zipp products and their team riders have won awards since the early 1990s. Zipp has won notable competitions, such as the UCI Cyclocross Worldwide Championship. This only cements Zipp's reputation and continues to show them as a leader.