Have you joined the #chaconation tribe?

Wading through rivers, conquering trails and exploring the wilderness are far from enjoyable when one’s shoes are less-than-stellar. Enter Chaco Footwear, based on a need for suction-like grip while in the white waters of Colorado. With their colorful designs and comfortable footbed, Chaco shoes are the go-to for high performance footwear.

The Gecko was the first Chaco sandal, which followed the “One Strap, One Sole” philosophy. This philosophy had one strap that traveled around the foot and through the midsole. This creates a unique and custom fit for its user. All Chaco Footwear follow this same philosophy today. The proprietary outsole design, ChacoGrip™, and the LUVSEAT™ footbed gave way to a new variety of sandal. One that could be used for trekking the wilderness or for every day travels.

As Chaco's popularity grew, so did the drive to offer varieties to their sandals. They added new outsole designs made  of recycled materials and of minimalist design. The footbeds grew as well to offer more or less support in the foot. The Cloud series provides cushioning while the Z/Volv series is a lighter, less supportive design. Chaco Footwear offers shoes for men, women and children, so no one is left out of having great footwear.

Chaco's warehouse is in Rockford, Michigan, only a hop away from Great Lakes Outpost. In their warehouse, Chaco offers repairs on their sandals. Straps, buckles, and outsoles are replaced and straps unstuck and tightened for a minimal cost. This repair service revives Chaco sandals and keeps them out of the landfill, creating a win-win for the user and for the environment.