What does it mean to be Unsinkable®? Is it the drive to be the best? Or, to push your boundaries? To  founder Jason W., it means having fun, trendsetting and being the leader in floating sunglasses.

Everyone has had that moment. Enjoying the water, whether fishing or boating, and you look down. Or, someone knocks a table and your precious sunglasses can be seen sinking down to the water's depths. Now, you're stuck with covering your eyes with your hands to block out the sun. That is never fun.

Unsinkable® knows the struggle. After having years of experience in the sunglasses industry, Jason W. returned with a new idea - floating frames. How do they float? Unsinkable® researched and found the perfect frame material. VAPORLITE™ is a material that is 20% lighter than traditional sunglasses frames. That means the frames are able to float on the surface of the water. No more lost sunglasses!

Unsinkable® lenses are also packed with technology. Their Core series of polarized lenses features 1S ™ coating creates scratch-proof lenses. Their Colorblast ™ lenses offer enhanced colors for a crisp, saturated viewing. They also feature a 4S ™ coating that helps prevent scratches, smudges and salt.

Should you ever lose your Unsinkable® sunglasses, they protect you with a Lifetime +Loss Warranty. So, why not try the latest in sunglasses design and pick up a pair of Unsinkable® glasses? If you want to try them on and put them to the test, our staff at Great Lakes Outpost will be happy to help you!