What does it mean to be a native? Is it living in one area for years? Or, is the pursuit to look beyond the typical shops and find the hidden spots? From the tops of mountains to the white waters of Colorado, Native Eyewear has a never-ending mission. They wish to help others trek forward and experience more. By doing so, people can appreciate their origins while also looking towards the future.

Native Eyewear has been producing sunglasses and goggles since 1998. This band of outdoor enthusiasts continually meet the demands of the outdoors. From their lenses to frames, every piece of Native Eyewear fits the needs of its user. Native sunglass lenses are 99.9% polarized and offer 100% UV protection. They feature scratch-resistant coatings and are decentered to limit fatigue. Native sunglass lens colors cover many conditions, giving you versatility. Native sunglasses are interchangeable, ventilated and are RHYNO-TUFF® (so, they're able to take a hit). 

When the Native Eyewear team is not creating the next pair of amazing sunglasses, they are encouraging others to explore. They try to tap into the local community with their Locals Only Project. Petoskey, Michigan was one of the chosen spots to explore (about 2 hours North from our store). Native Eyewear explores each chosen spot, celebrating the lives of locals and their adventures.

This endless pursuit is what makes Native Eyewear special. Not only do they have great sunglasses but they also have a wanderlust spirit. Pick up a pair of Native sunglasses and join the journey!