Grand Rapids is a rising city in Michigan. This big, yet small-feeling town boasts some of the largest companies in the world. But, that does not mean that it does not have plenty of outdoor opportunities available! With access to hundreds of lakes and trails, Great Lakes Outpost sees Thule car racks everywhere. Whether it is going to the beach or a trail on your mountain-biking bucket list, Thule has almost every rack for the outdoor enthusiast.

Thule understands that part of life is the journey, not the destination. In that journey, items should be carried safely. Nothing is worse than watching your clothing and gear fall out of your car on the side of the highway. That is why they create products based on the outdoor lifestyle that are easy and safe to use. This standard has allowed them to become one of the leaders in the outdoor carrier industry.

Thule has products geared towards anyone with an active lifestyle. Thule creates car racks and carriers, strollers, and travel gear. Since many of the Thule Crew are active themselves, they want products that they can use for a long time. Inspired by their own environment in Sweden, the Thule Crew creates products that inspire them to take their own adventures.

Knowing their products affect the environment everyday, Thule commits themselves to sustainable manufacturing. This focus has made significant impacts, with them reducing CO2 emissions since 2014. In creating sustainable products, Thule has focused on developing long-lasting backpacks and carriers. This extends the life of the product and reduces the amount of waste in landfills. Every Thule item gets pushed to its limits at the Thule Test Center™. Here, filled backpacks and racks are driven at top speeds or exposed to extreme outdoor elements. (Which we would love to see, by the way. Thule, hook us up!)

Safe, durable, and creative, Thule continues to exceed expectations. When Thule has your back, you can #BRINGYOURLIFE.