Having the right equipment can make or break an adventure. So, wouldn’t you want to stand with a company whose products have been around for over a century? And who was in hundreds of journeys, including the first expedition to Everest?

Eureka! started in the late 1890’s as a wagon canopy and tent manufacturer. Their popularity began to grow when Teddy Roosevelt created the National Park System. This opened up hundreds of acres of land for the public to enjoy and, most importantly, camp. As World War 2 approached, Eureka! devoted all their supplies to create armories, mess halls and hospitals. After World War 2 ended, Eureka! even aided in veteran housing. After World War 2, people began to feel comfortable traveling again. This sparked a new era of adventurers. From Sir Edmund Hillary to Jack Whitaker to many others, Eureka! tents followed these adventurers every step of the way. These tents have been on some of the world’s highest peaks and longest treks, including a 3,000-mile journey along the Nile River. With every trip, Eureka! tents continue to prove that they are a go-to option for all explorers, beginner to advanced.

Eureka! creates tents for free country, group, backpacking, mountaineering and outfitter camping. Free country camping tents are ideal for car camping and are easy to set-up. Group tents allow everyone to enjoy the outdoors while also having some extra space. Backpacking tents are light and durable, perfect for hard terrains. Adventurers who prefer remote or extreme weather locations will love the Eureka! mountaineering line. Finally, those that need to use their tent for extended journeys would enjoy the outfitter line.

From their tents to their cooking equipment and sleeping bags and pads, no matter the destination, Eureka! will be there to help you through your journey.