Move over flavorless, barely cooked camping meals and heavy cooking equipment! Jetboil has revolutionized how backpackers and campers see cooking.

Jetboil began its adventure in 2001 by Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst. Jetboil stoves quickly became a popular option because they crafted a new way to heat food and water. With their new system, the Fluxring, Jetboil could more efficiently distribute heat. The FluxRing offered better fuel efficiency, heat distribution and reduced boiling times. Mix this technology with a light cooking system and they had a tasty recipe of success. Best of all, Jetboil systems are easy to pack up, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much time off of the trail.

Jetboil has solutions for every adventurer: fast boilers, precision systems and base camp systems. Fast boilers are ideal for rehydrating dehydrated food or boiling water to warm up a cup of coffee or tea. These fast boilers take less than 135 seconds to bring a water to a boil.

Precision cooking systems are light for backpackers but offer more cooking versatility. This is thanks to its liquid or gas-fed options and its incremental heat dials. From eggs to pasta and everything between, even in the coldest weather. How to decide between a gas or liquid-fed stove? A gas-fed stove has regulated incremental heat to give you more cooking versatility. Liquid-fed stoves are ideal for cold weather and winter cooking. The Joule Liquid Feed Regulated System found in these liquid-fed stoves increases fuel efficiency. 

Base camp systems are propane-fed and can boil and cook large quantities of food. No matter the size of the group, base camp systems can accommodate. If one stove in not enough, you can use the Jetlink system on base camp stoves to link many systems together. Jetboil systems are compatible with Eureka! cooking products.