Grand Trunk

Life isn't a road that is straight and narrow. Like any river bend, life  is winding, constantly narrowing and widening and is ever-changing. The two founders of Grand Trunk understood that life was more than copying papers and emails. Their partnership began in 2001 while they met during a trip to Thailand. This traveling-duo decided to create comfortable, durable hammocks.

Hammocking is a unique experience. Different from tent camping, hammocking allows you to see the world above the ground. Who wouldn't love to see sprawling mountains or a chilling stream? Beyond all that, with a hammock you can camp nearly anywhere. Strap your hammock to two trees and you're ready for a night's rest!

Grand Trunk features a line of adventure gear that can help with the hammock camping experience. Their hammocks are 20% larger than traditional hammocks which provides extra comfort. Grand Trunk's hammocks are durable and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Since hammocks and trees go together like PB&J, Grand Trunk has partnered with the National Forest Foundation. With every two-person hammock purchased, Grand Trunk will plant two trees. That way, everyone looking to hammock will not be out a pair of trees. Plus, it gives back to restoring ecosystems and keeping wilderness wild.

Whether you're on a beach or in the mountains, Grand Trunk is the go-to option for any hammock-lover.