Backed by a history of over 120 years, Deuter has become one of the top brands in the outdoor backpack industry. Hans Deuter began the brand by creating bags, saddlebags, and tents for the military. Later, Hans Deuter started creating backpacks with Alpinist and mountaineers in mind. Since Deuter was an outdoorsman himself, this created the perfect blend of product technology and his love for adventure. As the company grew so did its technologies, and the characteristic nylon backpack was born in 1968. From there, the company has only seen the birth of classic backpacks, such as the Futura. 

Deuter prides itself in its involvement in the outdoor sports industry. They focus its effort on being fully authentic and true to their cause. Since 2008, Deuter has been a member of bluesign. Bluesign establishes standards for sustainability and helps create an environmentally friendly production cycle. That means, sustainable materials go in and less waste goes out.

Deuter uses many materials to create their award-winning backpacks. Designed for travel-in-mind, the Deuter-Microrip-Nylon material is lightweight and abrasion resistant. Bags with the Deuter-MacroLite 420 material will be ideal for guide backpacks, thanks to its high resistance to abrasion. Alpine and trekking backpackers will adore the Deuter-Ripstop 210 material, which is light and robust.

Born from a love of the outdoors, bred to be the standard in backpack design and loved by many. Deuter is offered at Great Lakes Outpost as a premium backpacking brand. Don’t believe us? Come into the store and look in awe at our Deuter collection! #MyDeuterAdventure