Looking for a shoe manufacturer that goes above and beyond the status quo? Since 2003, KEEN has been one of the leaders in the outdoor shoe industry. With its original closed-toe sandal design, the Newport, KEEN is a forced to be reckoned with. This group of travelers and superheroes leave it all on their sleeve. They show that even a large company can love Earth as well as be innovative and drive growth.

In 2004, a force of Mother Nature changed the way KEEN saw their company. A tsunami hit the Indian Ocean, which devastated the lives of its residents. Determined to help, this small shoe company pulled $1 million from their marketing budget to give aid to tsunami victims. From there, their march for sustainability and advocacy has only skyrocketed. They have donated over $15 million since their humble beginnings. KEEN has also worked for Homes for Our Troops, created a boot library for volunteers and worked with the 21st Century Conservation Corps.

KEEN not only creates sandals. They also manufacture sneakers, flats, and steel toe work boots. Consider these shoes the sidekick to your rockin’ superhero self. These shoes are comfortable, protective and ready for the next adventure. (Even if that means that adventure is a trip to the office.)

New to the KEEN line, the UNEEK, redefines the sandal. Its corded webbing and design eliminates tension points for more comfortable and flexibility. This design still allows for performance, whether on or off the water.

Just as KEEN has followed theirs, they simply request that you #FollowYourFeet.