Salomon has been involved in the outdoor industry since the 1940's. Their products range from shoes to apparel to alpine and snowboarding equipment. This curious company led the first in many designs, like the self-releasing ski binding.

Though they have a long-time history, their values are far from old-fashioned. As an outdoor company, they understand the benefits of being outside. In a world where stress and isolation is the norm, Salomon goes out of their way to be outside. In fact, they encourage being outside, often noting that its Time to Play. Nurturing teamwork, exploring the unknown and playing fair are some of Salomon's foundations.

Salomon has an extensive line of shoes. These include running, hiking, casual and mountaineering shoes. Features like GORE-TEX® have premium waterproof performance. Salomon also has a collection of S/LAB inspired shoes. S/LAB combines athletes with engineers to test the limits of gear. The S/LAB shoes are meant to be tested.

Salomon dedicates itself to being socially and environmentally responsible. They provide education programs for players and staff and invest in sustainable factories. By 2025, Salomon plans to cut its carbon emissions by 20%.

This ageless company is the spirit of adventure. The want to push oneself and experience fresh ideas makes Salomon at the top of their industry.