A collection of women are spearheading the design of handbags. Haiku is a beautiful blend of sustainability and fashion. Much like the Japanese poem, Haiku bags are simple yet expressive. 

The Haiku team is on a constant pursuit to create eco-friendly products. Currently, their handbags are made mainly of recyclable PET. Haiku breaks down PET plastic bottles into pellets. The pellets are then melted and spun into fabric. Then, they dye the fabric and use it for many their bags. For every Haiku bag bought, 9 plastic bottles are saved from the landfill. Want to find a post-consumer made bag? Look for the CYCLEPET trademark. Haiku produces many of its bags in China. But, they have begun to shift materials and manufacturing to Seattle, Washington. Select collections are available from their Seattle warehouse.

Haiku produces RFID and small, medium and large bags. They also have zippered and folding wallets. Their Crossover collection is popular and bridges the gap between a purse and a backpack.

It is clear that Haiku enjoys what they do and try to empower others to pursue their interests. Their useful designs mixed with style makes Haiku bags a go-to option. No matter the adventure, Haiku bags have your back.