We at Great Lakes Outpost love Canada. To be honest, who doesn't love Canada? They have beautiful, diverse landscapes that sprawl across thousands of miles. They feature a mix of cultures, all with smiling faces. And...they have Norco bikes? Yes! This proudly Canadian company has produced bikes since the 1960's. With over 50 years under their belt, Norco continues to lead as the top bike manufacturer.

Norco is passionate about bikes. They live, breathe and eat them. (Well, maybe not eat.) Because of this unwavering passion, Norco has been able to produce incredible technology. The Advanced Ride Technology (A.R.T.) is a single suspension platform that is as versatile as the bike rider. The Gravity Tune technology revisits frame sizing to create optimal riding conditions. Reach and Stack Plus factor stem length into the frame. This concept is not traditionally seen in bike manufacturers. But, this feature allows for better steering and fit, no matter the bike size.

When it comes to bicycles, it is tricky trying to find the right style and fit for you. If you're unsure about which Norco bike to buy, stop by Great Lakes Outpost. Our experienced staff can give you the run-down on this popular bike brand.