While many know of Serfas products, what are they like beyond the surface? (Get it?) Since its beginning, Serfas has wanted to be the best in customer service and innovation. From bags to cages to locks and mirrors, Serfas has bike accessories for nearly every rider.

Staying true to their Mission, Serfas focuses on improving their designs. This not only makes for better products but also raised experiences for its user. In their bike saddles, Reactive Gel™ allows the saddle to flex with the rider. By having this technology, bikers can experience uniform movement with their bike. Some Serfas tires feature the Survivor Series, offering extra protection against debris. Pro-Flo, found on Serfas grips, is designed to prevent numbness and "cyclist's palsy".

Beyond having plenty of technologies in their products, Serfas also has replacement parts. Need a zipper for your bike case? Or, are you missing something for your floor pump? Take a look at the Serfas website or contact the Great Lakes Outpost team to see what is available!

Unparalleled in technologies and in their mission, Serfas is changing the way bike parts are created. Where will your Serfas product take you next?