Explorers, beach bums and sport tailgate-lovers all use one thing: coolers. There are plenty of coolers available on the market. Electric coolers, portable coolers, coolers named after mythic beasts (you know the one). But, what cooler stands out above the crowd as a time-tested and durable piece of cooling power? None-other than Kysek.

Kysek began from the idea of a driven adventurer that there was more to a cooler than what was available. John, the founder of Kysek, saw an opportunity to create a cooler that pushed boundaries. He wanted a cooler that could rise to the challenge of keeping food cold. After years of testing, the Ultimate Ice Chest™ was born and a revolution began.

The Ultimate Ice Chest™ features DuroCold™ construction, a PosiLatch™, and non-slip feet. Easy to grip, heavy handles allow for easy carrying and the cutting board allows you to cut veggies or fish. This ice chest features a drain hole and is paired with a hose accessory for a quick rinse. Best of all, it's certified bear-proof. (We're looking at you, Yogi Bear!)

Kysek has expanded their line from coolers to dry bags, backpacks and tumblers. The available line of added accessories provides plenty of tools needed for adventure. Basically, if you need a bag for food or drink, Kysek more likely than not has something available. Where will Kysek expand? We'll never know what they may bring, but we at Great Lakes Outpost are excited about what is to come.