Costa was born on the water by fishermen in 1983. They needed protective sunglasses that could withstand the harsh elements on the ocean. Since then, Costa became one of the top brands in high performance sunglasses for men and women. Costa sunglasses are assembled by hand in their Daytona Beach, Florida warehouse. At least eight pairs of eyes inspect every Costa sunglass during the assembly process. This ensures that Costa sunglasses is of the highest quality before it reaches the store.

Costa collaborates with many organizations to promote the sustainability and sport fishing. With their Kick Plastic initiative, Costa created a Bio-Based Resin that has cut their CO2 emissions and carbon footprint by 70%. This frame construction is durable, lightweight and holds shape even in the harshest of conditions.

Costa has patented technology for their frames and lenses. The polarized 580 lenses enhance colors in an almost impossible way thanks to their in-house light spectrum experts. These lenses  have 100% protection from UV rays and high-energy blue light. Costa 580 lenses also filter out yellow colors and boost reds, greens, and blues. The lenses come in either a clear lightwave glass or a durable polycarbonate design. Costa is the leader in tri-lateral fusion. This process combines three layers of bio-resin frames to create chip-proof color. Take that, painted, easily chipped sunglasses! Costa sunglasses also feature corrosion-proof, stainless steel, flexible hinges.

Understanding the varying conditions in sports and everyday use, Costa has created seven lens options. Low light? Try the Sunrise Silver Mirror lenses. Blue Mirror lenses are ideal for open, reflective water. Doing everyday activities? The Gray and Gray Silver Mirror lenses are the ticket.

With Costa, you can #seewhatsoutthere.