Tom Carroll founded NiteRider as a blend all three of his interests. A builder by day, inventor by hobby, and surfer by night. Carroll was desperate to find a suitable light for surfing at night, when the beach was free of tourists. Unable to find a viable option, he decided to tap into his hobby and craft a solution at his kitchen table. 

The brainstorming at Carroll's kitchen table led to a solution - the first light specifically made for extreme sports. Waterproof, bright, lightweight and hands free...this new invention was the ticket. What is better is that he found this revolutionary light could not only be used for surfing but for biking. Thus, NiteRider was born.

NiteRider moved from the kitchen table to a facility in San Diego, California. With this new facility, NiteRider could fulfill their goal to create quality products with the best materials and customer service. That level of quality and service has been around since 1989 and continues to this day. In fact, Carroll still runs NiteRider as its President. But, being President of a company does not stop him from answering phones and shipping orders!

Innovative products are one of the foundations at NiteRider. They have become the first in many technologies. NiteRider created the first digitally controlled, rechargeable bike light. They also created the first bike light with an HID + LED lighting system. And, they were the first at creating the first bike lights with over 1200 and 3000 lumens.

As bicyclists themselves, the NiteRider team prioritizes safety while riding. That is why they create lights with multiple light settings. This allows bikers to choose the best light setting for their ride. Daylight Visible Flash is in their lights to increase visibility of riders during the day.