Having proper headwear can make-or-break an adventure. Alex Tilley, founder of Tilley, stumbled across that problem when he found there were no adequate hats for sailing. Tilley’s ideal hat needed to have float, stay on, be unsinkable and have a designer look. It took time and much collaboration with local sailors to make this dream a reality. The intensive process in researching materials and designs led to the Tilley hats known today.

Tilley hand crafts every hat in their facility in Canada. There are up to 41 steps involved in making one hat. Materials are first cut and then assembled. During assembly, Tilley uses 15 pieces of fabric and up to 23 hands touch one hat. Finally, the finishing touches are added to make each hat unique.

Tilley produces a number of hat designs. They offer medium, broad, and snap-up brim hats. The latest editions are the Airflo® collection. A higher crown on the hat means it is not sitting on your head and this allows more airflow throughout. The Airflo®  hats offer great ventilation, perfect for even the hottest excursions.

Tilley hats are not only made for sailing. They carry hats for men, women, and children and for  different activities. From traveling across mountains to soaking up the sun’s rays to day-tripping in the city. No matter the situation, there is a Tilley hat available.

Break out of the boring, humdrum chapeau and step into the #tilleylife.