Smartwool is a company that likes to have fun and make great clothes and socks. The Smartwool factory consists of large, specialized machinery - not a chocolate river. Instead of large lollipops, there lay giant spools of yarn, waiting to be spun. Much like our favorite chocolatier, Smartwool pushes the boundaries in design.

Smartwool gets their  fabric from Merino wool, which comes from sheep. Every year over 300,000 sheep are sheared by farmers for Smartwool products. This wool is washed twice and turned into yarn. Each year, Smartwool produces enough yarn to reach from Earth to the moon and back over 28 times! Merino wool has many benefits. For example, this wool is extremely breathable and manages moisture. Merino wool also manages heat and cold better, so it can be used for any season. This wool is also strong and can withstand odors, allowing you to have longer lasting socks.

Smartwool has socks available for various activities. For running, hiking, skiing, snowboarding or something in-between, Smartwool has an option available. They also have a line of active clothing, using the same Merino wool that is in their socks.