Light & Motion

Two SCUBA divers would eventually create one of the most popular bike light brands on the market. Though Light & Motion originated in 1989, it was not until 1997 where the world saw its first bike light system. The light was created for 24 hour races, which were popular at the time. As biking grew, outfitting 24 hour racers moved to helping the rise in commuters. These bike workaholics needed quality lights that could withstand the miles and elements.

Light & Motion takes great care into every product created. Constant improvement is the name of the game for Light & Motion. Prideful in everything they do, yet humble enough to admit mistakes, Light & Motion is a very progressive company. 

Light & Motion has lighting options available for explorers, bikers, hikers, surfers and SCUBA divers. All lights come with a FL-1 standard certification and an enhanced experience guarantee. In addition, a majority of Light & Motion products are sourced in the USA. While it may generate more cost, it allows them to produce the best quality and to hire locally.

Experience the Light & Motion difference. We think you'll enjoy the quality and output of their lights - no matter the activity.