Whether it is that they bulge or fail to meet capacity, many backpacks do not fit the needs of the adventurer. Fjӓllrӓven stems from the dream for backpack that distributed weight evenly instead of bunching to one side. What evolved was a wooden backpack with fabric around the box. This framed-style kept weight even and did not fold. Fjӓllrӓven was the first to create and distribute these framed backpacks. Fjӓllrӓven manufactures its backpacks in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden and have manufactured since 1960.

All Fjӓllrӓven products are based on three ideas: functionality, durability and dependability. The Fjӓllrӓven team considers every design seriously. So much so that every product goes through significant testing with experienced groups. After all, who wants a backpack that is only designed to break after a few uses? Their backpacks have a reputation for lasting generations, so the manufacturing process is highly scrutinized to ensure the production of durable products

The Kanken backpack could be considered the most popular out of the Fjӓllrӓven line. These lightweight backpacks in fun, dynamic colors transcend the idea of a bag. The original bag features a large opening, plenty of space and two side pockets. The Kanken line also features several accessories, such as tablet sleeves or coolers, to compliment the look.

Fjӓllrӓven is Swedish for “Arctic Fox”. The Arctic Fox is playful, resourceful, and beautiful. A rise in popularity for its luxurious coat has seen a decline in population. Fjӓllrӓven donates money, equipment, and spreads information about this incredible species. Fjӓllrӓven collaborates with research groups who dedicate themselves to preserving the Arctic Fox.

Being responsible, innovative, and fun helps stand out Fjӓllrӓven in the backpack industry. Unforgettable memories take roots from having adventures and stepping beyond the fence line. To Fjӓllrӓven, that chance of having a great adventure to have the perfect equipment. Where will your Fjӓllrӓven take you?