prAna looks beyond the traditional idea of clothing. Not only should it cover you where you need it, but it last and be ready for anything. The prAna is a group of wayfarers and explorers. They wanted clothing that they could use for their adventures, so why not make it for the world to enjoy, too? 

prAna is unabashedly dedicated to their communities. As their company grows, so does their effort to give back. Staff regularly volunteer and they give part of their sales during the holidays. prAna has had this want to help since their beginning in 1992 and they continue to this day.

prAna clothing is sustainable and fair trade. They aim to respect the environment that created the materials and the people who made them. prAna has partnered with bluesign® to help change the textile industry. These alternative processes cut the amount of chemicals released in the water, it keeps us and animals safe. prAna practices being fair trade by giving livable wages to workers and good work spaces. Their ability to give back has led to developing schools and day care programs for children, giving the children a bright future.

With every shirt, dress, pant or accessory purchased, you are giving to a company that values hard work, fair play and social responsibility. prAna dedicates themselves to their work and it shows in all of their work.